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Toni Miller - Bliss Skincare Neautral Bay


Over 18 Years of Beauty Industry Experience

Bliss Skin Care is owned by Toni Miller, who has worked in the beauty industry for over 18 years. Toni’s industry expertise has been built upon the foundations from a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, Sydney College.  In 2002, Toni purchased Bliss Skin Care (Previously called ‘Bliss’) and has transformed it into a luxurious and relaxing salon that specialises in the highest quality of cosmeceutical treatments. During her extensive residency in Neutral Bay, Toni has formed a strong rapport with a loyal client based community. Toni is a highly experienced and passionate beauty therapist that has a strong belief in simple yet exquisitely effective skin care regimes.


We understand that no two skins are the same and tailor all treatments to each individuals desires and needs, exclusively utilising the highest quality cosmeceutical products. Our product range has been clinically proven to assist an expansive range of skin concerns to deliver effective and lasting results. 

Particular areas of skin specialisation include: 

  • Pigmentation and sun damage 
  • Acne and pore congestion 
  • Wrinkles and ageing
  • Sensitive skin

Our most popular treatments include:

  • Facial Treatments – Mayerling Salicylic & Glycolic Peels
  • Microdermabrasion, Omnilux LED Light Therapy
  • Waxing services – Specialises in Brazillian Hollywood Waxing using luxurious cream wax specifically for sensitive skins/areas. 
  • Tinting services – Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting


You can purchase Mayerling Skin Care products online or in store.

Mayerling Skin Renewal System

Their home treatment products work on the premise that for the skin’s texture to be improved, it must be resurfaced. The old cells need to be removed, allowing the new, young, healthy skin cells to regenerate from deep within the skin.
To achieve fast effective results Mayerling uses a highly concentrated and balanced combination of potent cosmeceutical and natural ingredients, which are supported with scientific evidence and efficacy studies.
They believe in a skin care routine that is convenient, easy to use and understand. This is why they offer fewer anti ageing skin care products that do more.

Mayerling is effective in reducing lines and wrinkles, fading pigmentation from ageing, sun damage, pregnancy and the contraceptive pill. The products are very effective for improving the appearance of scarring, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone.

Researched, developed and manufactured in Australia

Mayerling Skin Care’s 3 Step Philosophy

The Ultimate Anti Ageing Skin Care Suite

Facial skin cleansing is critical to maintaining healthy looking & hydrated skin. Double cleaning is highly recommended. The first cleanse will remove make-up and surface impurities that act as a barrier. The second cleanse will then penetrate deeper into the skin boosting hydration and maintaining cleaner skin.

Facial skin exfoliation is also an extremely important part of an at home skin care routine. Proper exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin in turn uncovering fresh new cells below. This action encourages maximum penetration of subsequently applied active ingredients.

Facial skin hydration makes the skin look healthy whilst leaving the skin feeling smooth, soft and beautifully moist. Facial moisturisers lock in water with ingredients like ‘occlusives’ preventing water loss in heat and wind, ‘humectants’ which attract water to skin cells, and ‘emollients’ which smooth rough and flaky skin. Hydration is what allows skin to function at peak performance.

Exposure to the sun’s harmful UVA & IVB rays not only damages skin cells and leads to premature ageing but also is the leading cause of skin cancer. Hydration & protection of facial skin will reduce free radical damage and promote radiant, healthy looking skin.

De-ageing and rejuvenation of facial skin is essential to providing exceptional radiant skin at any age. Feeding the skin highly active ingredients such as AHA’s, Vitamins A, D, E & C, melanin inhibitors and antioxidants will promote younger, fresher, healthier looking skin.

These proven ingredients stimulate collagen production, reduce skin pigmentation and promote cell turnover. They help firm and smooth skin structure, providing an even skin tone which reduces the appearance of fine lines whilst improving luminosity and radiance.


Suite 3 / 3 – 7 Grosvenor Street
Neutral Bay NSW 2089
T: 02 9953 5722
M: 0410 695 699