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Uncategorised Dry Skin? 4 Hydrating Products That Actually Work
Dry Skin 4 Hydrating Products That Actually Work article image by Bliss Skincare

Dry Skin? 4 Hydrating Products That Actually Work

Does your skin still feel tight and dry even after finishing your skincare routine? If the answer is yes, then maybe it’s time to replace some of those products with ones that will truly give your skin the hydration and nourishment it needs.

Dry skin is a common problem. Heat, environment, medical treatments, and ageing are just some of the factors that contribute to skin dryness. It can even be caused by harsh soaps and detergents. This also means that what you apply to your skin and what kind of treatment you get can affect your skin’s texture.

We, at Bliss, are committed to meeting all of our clients’ beauty needs. Our experienced beauticians strive to provide the most suitable skin and body treatments to our client’s skin types and conditions. Because we want everyone to look good and feel great about themselves, we came up with a list of the perfect hydrating products for dry skin. 

  1.  Facial Cream Cleanser

No matter how dry our skin may be, we should never skip the most important part of a skincare routine: cleansing. Makeup, dirt, oils, dead skin cells, and grime accumulate on our faces during the day. If we don’t wash away these impurities, our skin may get irritated, become dull, and age quicker. To maintain healthy-looking skin, we should wash our face regularly.

Many cosmetic products and environmental impurities cannot be removed with just water alone. That is why we need facial cleansers. For people with dry skin, we highly recommend using Mayerling’s Facial Cream Cleanser. This product is lightweight and gentle on the skin, yet it effectively gets rid of dirt, makeup, and excess oils on our face without leaving our skin feeling stripped.

  1. ADEC Vitamin Facial Moisturiser

Not every moisturiser will work on dry skin. Individuals who have dry skin usually need thicker moisturisers to draw in and lock in moisture on the skin. If you want to rehydrate your skin and bring back your youthful glow, we suggest including ADEC Vitamin Facial Moisturiser in your skincare routine.

This ADEC Vitamin Facial Moisturiser can help soothe, hydrate, and treat dry skin. It contains sweet almond oil and rice bran oil which can improve dry skin and reduce inflammation. Aside from these hydrating and rejuvenating ingredients, it has Vitamins A, D, E, and C which can help minimise fine lines, lighten sunspots, and reverse signs of aging.

  1.  Anti Stress Mask

Stress affects our body in more ways than one. It makes our skin more sensitive and reactive, causing our breakouts and aggravating our skin condition. A study also shows that stress can negatively affect the skin’s water retention and slow down our skin’s natural healing process. To prevent stress from drying out our skin, we must never skip our skincare routine and frequently pamper our skin.

When it comes to soothing and hydrating tired, dry skin, nothing beats a good rejuvenating mask like Mayerling’s Anti Stress Mask. This skincare must-have is infused with sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, and Vitamin F that can deeply moisturise, brighten, and soften the skin. After applying this mask, your skin will look and feel better than before.

  1.  Mayerling’s Eye Cream

People who have dry skin usually have smaller pores and thinner skin. However, their fine lines and wrinkles tend to appear more exaggerated. To reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, regularly apply effective, hydrating eye creams, such as Mayerling’s Eye Cream.

Mayerling’s Eye Cream is packed with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients that can improve the overall appearance of the skin around our eyes. It contains Vitamin A, C, and B3 which can help treat fine lines, dark circles, and crow’s feet. Apart from that, it has Hyaluronic Acid which can hydrate the skin and minimise signs of aging.

Say Goodbye to Dry, Flaky Skin Today

There are several ways to moisturise the skin, but not all of them can provide quick and visible results. To immediately achieve smooth, glowing, and healthy skin, consider getting Bliss Facials in our Neutral Bay salon. Our skin and beauty specialist will provide you with the best hydrating and nourishing facial treatment for your skin type and condition. Check out other skin treatments that you need to nourish your skin here!

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