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May 2022

Identifying and Treating Sensitive Skin You’ve probably heard the term “sensitive skin” a billion times in your life. Maybe you have it, someone you know has it, or you hear it a lot from dermatologists and skincare gurus. But what exactly is it and do you really need to know about it? For starters, yes. You do need to know what is considered sensitive skin and what you can do if you have it. We’ve compiled a

Who doesn’t love summer? The warm sunshine, a dip in the pool, iced tea in hand, the pure fun under the sun—it’s arguably the best season. But just because we love it doesn’t mean our skin does too. In fact, the summer season can cause some damage to our skin. Don’t worry, though. Your skin doesn’t have to miss out on the summer fun this time. We’ve compiled the best skin and body treatments for you


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