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Uncategorised Delicate Business: Brazilian Wax 101

Delicate Business: Brazilian Wax 101

What you want to do with your lady garden hair is a personal decision. If you want to keep things au natural down there, then fantastic. Now, if you prefer to keep it neat and tidy when you’re wearing a bikini, then waxing will suit you well.

A bikini wax is a common choice, but if you want to take pube care to the next level, you should consider getting a Brazilian wax. It’ll be your best friend as you prep for spring and summer!

What is Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian wax is a form of hair removal in the pubic area. Unlike bikini wax, which only removes the hair that falls outside the panty line and what would peek out of a regular bikini bottom, Brazilian wax takes hair removal further. This method grooms and removes hair from the front of the pubic bone, around the external genitals, between the upper thighs, around the buttocks, and everything in between.

With a Brazilian wax, you have the choice to remove all hair down there or leave a small portion of hair shaped cleverly. The most popular option is the landing strip, but if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, there is also the Bermuda triangle or the love heart. 

What Are Its Benefits 

Apart from a smoother bikini region, waxing is a form of deep exfoliation. It can help in removing dead skin cells and promote collagen production. Brazilian wax carries benefits including:

  • Skin health as it removes dead skin cells.
  • Longer-lasting results vs. shaving since the hair is removed by the root. When hair grows back, it would appear thinner and softer than before so you may eventually have less hair to groom. 
  • Waxing offers no razor burn, no itch, and less irritation.

How to Prepare

Before your Brazilian wax session, make sure to get yourself ready physically and mentally:

Days before:

  • Avoid tanning for at least 24 hours to prevent skin from being sensitive.
  • Your hair should be at least ¼-inch long or the size of a grain of rice. If it’s longer, then trim it slightly to help the wax grip better.
  • Gently exfoliate with a buffing mitt or washcloth to help prevent ingrown hairs.

On the day:

  • Take a shower and wear deodorant. Basically, be clean. 
  • Wear comfy clothes, breathable, cotton underwear, or loose bottoms.
  • Be calm. When you’re stressed, you tend to flex your muscles which will make the hair hurt more as it’s coming out.
  • If you must, take an over-the-counter pain reliever about 30 minutes before your session.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment so you can check-in and use the bathroom if necessary.

What to Expect

We know what you’re wondering so let’s get one thing out of the way first: Yes, Brazilian wax does hurt. We’re not going to sugarcoat this, but depending on your pain tolerance, this method could hurt and may become a little uncomfortable. But then again, any type of waxing will hurt because your hair will get pulled out by its roots. 

Here are other things to do and expect during your Brazilian wax:

  • First off, inform your esthetician or skin and beauty specialist if you want everything off or if you want a landing strip or whatnot. 
  • Also, let your wax expert know if you are ticklish on your thighs or seriously fear your skin will rip off. They will likely help you calm down by providing some information.
  • The waxing process typically takes between 15 and 30 minutes.
  • The process could feel awkward as you will be lying on a table with your private parts exposed to a stranger.
  • But don’t worry your esthetician will be wearing gloves. 
  • The waxing starts in the front and moves toward the back. For areas that your esthetician cannot reach, you may be asked to help hold areas on the body. For instance, you may be asked to hold your back cheek apart to access hair in between. You may also be asked to change positions.
  • Stripping off of the wax involves pulling in the opposite direction of your hair growth. It’s done in a quick motion to effectively remove the hairs out by the root.

Final Thoughts

Just like any skincare regimen, consistency is the key to achieving the long-term benefits of a Brazilian wax. Though such a session may bring a few uncomfortable moments, it’ll be totally worth it as you strut in your bikini!

Get your Brazilian wax with Toni at  Bliss Skincare at Grosvenor Street, Neutral Bay or book an appointment online now. 

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