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Uncategorised Face Oils vs. Serums: Everything That You Need to Know About These Skincare Essentials
Face Oils vs Serums Everything That You Need to Know About These Skincare Essentials article image by Bliss Skincare

Face Oils vs. Serums: Everything That You Need to Know About These Skincare Essentials

Navigating the ever-expanding landscape of skincare in Neutral Bay can feel like a daunting task. To help journey to the perfect skin more manageable, let’s take a closer look at two of the most important foundations of skin care, namely face oils and serums. 

Let’s explore what each of these facial must-haves is designed to do for your skin plus when you should be incorporating them into your regime. At the end of the day, there truly is an art to doing skin care right. Join us on this journey as we unlock the mysteries behind these potent powerhouses so that by its end, you’ll have all the information needed on which skin care treatment works best for achieving your desired results.

Harnessing the power of advanced active ingredients, facial serums are an invaluable addition to any skincare routine for women in Neutral Bay. Lightweight, quick penetrating, and packed with targeted skin care benefits, these multi-use formulas will give you that extra boost for healthy skin. And because they can be used in combination with other skin care products and treatments like microdermabrasion in Neutral Bay, it’s never been easier to customise a regimen tailored for your specific skin care needs. 

Facial Serums

Serums are an essential beauty product to have in your arsenal, as most of these products are formulated specifically for a variety of skin concerns. With up to 70% active ingredients packed into their lightweight formulas, these powerful skincare products can provide solutions from anti-aging and hyperpigmentation through to acne management. Whether it’s thin and watery or thick & gel-like that catches your eye, your skin will find some relief when supplemented with the right facial serums.

Is Facial Serum Synonymous to a Moisturiser?

Ever been confused between serums and moisturisers when it comes to your skincare routine? While they both can contain hydrating agents like hyaluronic acid or ceramides, they are formulated for different purposes. 

Serums like the Mayerling Dermal Transfer Serum Vitamin C 15% are designed to deliver the active ingredients deep within the skin’s layers whereas traditional face creams like Mayerling Forte Day and Night Creams create a protective barrier on top of the skin’s surface. 

For this reason, no matter how intensely hydrating your serum might be, skin care experts in Neutral Bay recommend that women to not forgo that moisture boost from facial creams or moisturisers.  Layering serums and moisturisers isn’t just on-trend but is more importantly beneficial for achieving optimal hydration levels for your skin.

How Often Should You Apply Facial Serums?

Putting your best face forward starts with a smart skincare routine. When it comes to facial serums, less is more. Their potent ingredients can cause irritation if applied too heavily or excessively often. 

The label will help you determine the ideal frequency for application. Typically, serums like Skin Joy Daily Strength Serum must be applied once per day and applying no more than a pea-size amount ensures that sensitive skin won’t suffer from excessive application. To optimise efficacy, serum must be applied on dry and cool skin after cleansing, toning, or essence application. With the right frequency and proper application, you will start noticing your skin glowing healthily in no time.

Face Oils

Want to ensure your skin care products are doing the most they can? Introduce facial oil as the final step of your skin care regimen. Facial oils are the last line of defense against dry and dull complexion, locking in all the goodness that serums and moisturisers offer. 

Packed with natural and potent antioxidants, nutrients, fatty acids, face oils nourish while protecting skin health over time. Using face oils is key to a happy and balanced complexion. Contrary to popular belief, even those with oily skin can greatly benefit from face oil application as they help reduce excess production of sebum. 

Whether face oils are extracted from nuts, fruits or seeds, these concentrated formulations are surprisingly powerful. And depending on what type you choose, they can deliver additional skin care benefits, like anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that will give your skincare routine an extra dose of nourishment and protection.

How Often Should You Apply Face Oils?

Face oil application must be daily and is typically the final step to a comprehensive skin care regimen. When applying facial oil, use gentle upward strokes or a soft patting technique. Especially around delicate areas like near the eyes where wrinkles can form easily from too much pulling and rubbing.

Get those dewy, bouncy skin goals and give yourself an extra boost of hydration. Incorporate two to three drops of your favourite face oil into your regular moisturiser to get that super soft complexion. Protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays by being mindful of what you add to a moisturiser containing SPF. Blending face oils to your moisturiser can reduce its efficacy, so always check the label, or apply sunscreen separately for maximum protection.

Finally, do not be fooled into thinking you can get away with layering products too quickly. Take your time and wait for each skin care product to sink in before moving onto the next step. Otherwise, you may find yourself faced pilling, a major annoyance where tiny balls form on the surface of skin. Once all skin care products have dried and sank into your skin, then you can finally seal by adding a thin layer of your face oil. 

Now that you know the benefits and differences between facial serums and face oils, it’s time to pick the right products for your specific skin concerns and needs. For the best skin care essentials, look no further than Bliss Skincare. From invigorating microdermabrasion in Neutral Bay to safe and effective face peels to refreshing facials, you can expect nothing less but first-class facial treatments here. We also sell a wide range of at-home skin care products, including serums, moisturisers, cleansers, and many more. To schedule a beauty appointment or check out the availability of our professional-grade skincare essentials, contact our direct line on 02 9953 5722 today.

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