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Anti Stress Mask 250gm


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Mayerling Anti Stress Mask is a gentle, moisturising, stress relieving mask which draws out deeply embedded toxins. 

It relaxes and soothes the dermis and underlying muscles improving the microcirculation making the skin soft, supple and refined. 

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Provides excellent absorbent qualities, drawing out impurities and toxins.  It cleans the skin of excess oil, dirt and pollutants whilst soothing and purifying.

Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin F

Treats the epidermis with intense hydrating activity.

Collagen and Creatine

Moisturises, softens and smoothes the skin revitalising skin cell energy and protecting from premature ageing caused by stress and environmental factors.

Plant extracts of Arnica, Gentian, Hay flower and Lavender Oil

Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity which soothes and provides stress relief to the skin.


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