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Top 9 After Peel Care Tips

Chemical peel after care can seem overwhelming, but it is important to follow them to the letter to ensure the skin receives the care it needs to heal and recover fast. Chemical peel is an effective treatment that targets a variety of skin concerns. Skin that suffers from sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and dull skin benefits from chemical peels. When conducted by an expert, a chemical peel can produce radiance, improved complexion, and flawless skin. 

Chemical peel requires time and money investment. Not only will you need time for the procedure but dedicate a considerable time into caring for your skin after a chemical peel. A well-designed after treatment plan guarantees the best results possible. Your after peel skin care is just as important as the procedure itself. The level of commitment that you put into caring for your skin after a chemical peel will have a direct effect on how your skin recovers and bring about the beautiful effects that it claims to offer. Aftercare for skin peeling will depend on various factors, including the strength of the peel and your specific skin type. 

In this article, we will enumerate the dos and don’ts of chemical peel after treatment. 

  1. Keep your Hands Off

One of the main goals of a chemical peel is to remove all dead skin cells to reveal glowing and healthy skin. When damaged skin begins to shed, it is important to remember not to pick, scratch, or touch it. Let the skin peel and shed naturally. Forcefully removing skin can result in redness, inflammation, and scarring. 

  1. Keep your Hair Away from your Face

After chemical peeling, it is imperative that no foreign object comes in contact with your skin. With this in mind, you need to pull hair away from your face. You can place your hair in a ponytail or use a headband. Hair traps dirt and dust, especially when you are outdoors. It can carry these irritants onto the skin resulting in major breakouts. Again, it’s crucial to let the skin undergo its natural peeling process. In case you develop breakouts after skin peeling, it’s always best to seek the recommendation of an expert on how to treat them without compromising the peeling results from the chemical peel procedure. 

  1. Always Remember to Moisturise

The skin after a chemical peel is extra sensitive to almost everything. You will be advised to stop using the regular products that you use on your skin, but instead resort to milder skincare solutions or those prescribed by a skin expert. As the skin is extra sensitive after a chemical peel, you should opt for products featuring ultra-gentle formulation. 

Two of the most important skincare products that you need to use are sunscreen and moisturiser. Make sure that these products contain nourishing ingredients that will help in healing and protecting the skin from external stressors. 

Choose a moisturiser in ultra-gentle formulation or those used for sensitive skin. Do not over moisturise, but instead use the right amount of moisture to keep your skin nourished and protected at the same time. During application, make sure not to rub or scrub the product on your skin. Instead, dap a thin layer of moisturizer all over the face. You may moisturise your face a few times throughout the day for best results. Once the peeling process is complete, you may go back to your usual skincare routine. 

We recommend the Mayerling ADEC Vitamin Facial Moisturiser. It contains high doses of gentle and yet potent antioxidants that will nourish the skin and support faster healing and recovery. 

  1. Protect your Skin from UV

So, not that you’ve addressed the issue of sun damage, the next thing that you need to consider is to find a way by which you can protect the skin from the same problem in the future. To accomplish this, do not forget to use sunscreen before heading outdoors. It is also imperative to use sunscreen even when you’re indoors. Indirect sun exposure may also result in irritation and sun damage. 

When choosing a sunscreen, choose one with at least SPF 30 rating. Choose a sunscreen with high safety ratings, to ensure that your skin is also protected from harsh chemicals. It is important to note that sunscreen application should be performed every 90 minutes to ensure that your skin is protected from the UV rays throughout the day. 

  1. Just Let It Peel Naturally

Control yourself from peeling dry skin. It may be tempting to peel them off, since they’re about to peel off anyway. Doing so may give you an ultimate sense of satisfaction, but you may be delaying the peeling process altogether. You may exfoliate or give the skin a good rubbing when your skin is no longer sensitive or has returned to its normal condition. When choosing an exfoliant, stay away from products that contain resurfacing acids and retinols. 

  1. Update your Skincare Routine

You’ve already invested on a chemical peel, so make sure to take good care of the results in the long haul. Seek recommendation as to what products you can use to further improve the texture and appearance of your skin. Skin experts will recommend antioxidant rich products to fight sun damage and other factors that contribute to skin aging. 

An excellent skincare duo that you may want to consider incorporating into your skincare routine is the Mayerling Forte Day and Night Creams. If you want to keep that radiant glow without having to get another peeling, these are the perfect products to use. 

The Day Cream Forte removes dead skin cells and smooths rough and uneven texture. It also helps in reducing the appearance of scars and skin aging signs. It is formulated with Bearbearry Extract and Marine Extracts that work synergistically to produce a smooth and radiant glow. 

Night Cream Forte contains Bearberry Extract, Marine Extract, Glycolic Acid, And Retinyl Palmitate, all working in harmony to reduce fine lines and treat hyperpigmentation issues. Regular use results in minimised and tightened pores. 

  1. Refrain from Using Makeup

You may be tempted to use makeup to cover up the peeling, but you may want to shut down this idea for the time being. Wait until the skin has completely recovered from peeling before using cosmetics again. 

  1. Use Soap Free Cleansers

As your skin is extremely sensitive after peeling, avoid using anything that contains harsh chemicals. Invest in a soap-free facial wash that is just as effective in removing impurities on the skin. Soap-free cleansers are proven to be safe and effective for people with sensitive skin. Unlike regular soaps that will leave your skin dry, soap-free cleansers will effectively clean your skin and create a thin film that will protect the skin from external stressors. 

If you want a gentle cleanser that nourishes and protects, we recommend using Mayerling Facial Cream Cleanser. The lightweight and milky formulation gently removes impurities and leaves your skin radiant look even after a chemical peel. 

  1. Use Cool Water for Washing

The skin is naturally red and tender immediately after a chemical peel. Due to this, you should refrain from using hot or warm water as it will cause discomfort, and in worse cases, inflammation. Wash with cool water to soothe the skin during the peeling process. Pat dry after washing and never rub as this can result in irritation. 

The greatest factor that contributes to great peeling results will depend on your meticulousness in aftercare. If you need more tips about chemical peel aftercare or if you wish to shop for superior quality skincare staples, you may visit us at Bliss Skin Care in Neutral Bay or call our direct line on 02 9953 5722 today.

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