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Uncategorised 7 Wax Treatments You Should Leave to the Pro
7 Wax Treatments You Should Leave to the Pro article image Bliss Skincare

7 Wax Treatments You Should Leave to the Pro

If you have grown accustomed to hair waxing, you know just how much commitment it takes and how time-consuming it can be. Oftentimes, it’s tempting to do DIY facial or body waxing because of how much money you’d allegedly save. But are you really saving that much moolah and if so, is it really even worth the risk and effort? 

Just like other things in life, skin and body treatments such as waxing are much better done by a pro. Attempting to do those beauty treatments on your own can do more harm than good, and let us tell you why.

Reasons Why You Should Get Waxed by a Pro

Before we dive into the specific body waxing treatments you should leave to the pros, let’s first discuss why trusting the pros is the best thing to do.

  1. Saving money by doing it on your own is a myth.

You’ve done the math and figured that waxing at home would cost less, so you’d probably save a lot, right? Wrong! While it may be true that DIY waxing can be cheaper than going to a beauty salon, doing the procedure alone can cause burns or rashes that will likely need medical attention, medical care, and expensive healing products.

The wax you find at the store may not be the safest option for you. When you get waxed by a pro, the beautician will choose what works best for your body according to the information you provide, like skin type and allergens you may have. 

  1. Waxing by a pro is more effective.

Professional beauty salons have high-quality ingredients, so your body is less likely to react negatively to the treatment. Plus, they have wax treatments that actually last longer, so if you get your waxing done by a professional with the right products and ingredients, you can be hair-free for much longer.

  1. The professionals underwent training for it.

It always gives us peace of mind when we know that the people who work on our beauty treatments—or any treatment for that matter—were trained and are highly skilled. Luckily, for waxing, the beautician has undergone training too. They learned the nature of waxing and hair, how to properly conduct a client consultation, health and safety regulations, and a lot more. Notice how calculated, firm yet gentle they apply and take off the wax? It’s because they are trained to do just that for safety and efficacy.

Waxing Treatments to Get From the Pro

Allow us to paint a picture of some hair waxing treatments to help you understand why it’s best to leave them to the professionals.

  1. Bikini wax

Bikini waxing removes the sides of your bikini and a bit off the top. Basically, anything shown outside of a regular bikini coverage is removed. 

  1. Brazilian wax

During a Brazilian wax, pubic hair is removed from the front of the pubic bone, as well as around the external genitals and the anus. To put it simply, a Brazilian wax gives a nude look to your private area.

  1. Leg wax

For this treatment, you can choose among a full leg wax, a half leg wax, or a ¾ leg wax. Bliss Skin Care allows you to choose a combo such as a ¾ leg and bikini wax or full leg and Brazilian wax.

  1. Underarm wax

Many people love having their underarms waxed especially when preparing for special occasions. Having those underarms waxed will give you a breezy and smooth finish!

  1. Full arm wax

Full arm wax covers your wrist to your shoulder. 

  1. Eyebrow wax

Eyebrow waxing involves grooming and waxing stray hairs for a clean look.

  1. Facial wax

A facial wax can be on your eyebrow, lip, nose, sides of the face, and chin. 

More to Remember

In addition to getting waxed by a pro, we also recommend exfoliating and moisturising the waxed area at the right time. Exfoliate two to three days after waxing, when your pores have closed and your skin has recovered. Moisturise a day or the second day after your waxing treatment to avoid clogging your pores. We highly recommend the Adec Vitamin Facial Moisturiser because it can provide steady, time-released moisture to help smoothen and nourish your skin’s appearance.

Get the best result with a waxing pro! Visit Bliss Skin Care at Grosvenor Street, Neutral Bay, or book your next session here.

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