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Uncategorised The Best Skincare Routine Trends of 2022
The Best Skincare Routine Trends of 2022 article image by Bliss Skincare

The Best Skincare Routine Trends of 2022

Whether you’re planning to build your own skincare routine or update an already existing one, it’s important to be updated on the latest trends in the beauty industry. It will help you make smarter choices on which products to use to improve your skin condition and achieve your beauty goals.

Due to our commitment to helping our clients look and feel beautiful, we, at Bliss, decided to share the skincare routine trends worth following this 2022. We’ve also included some product recommendations that will fit each trend to help you complete your beauty kit.

  1.  Status Skin

While Skinimalism dominated in 2021, Status Skin is the latest trend this year that seems to continue to bench obvious make-up techniques such as intense contouring or thickly-filled brows. It’s quite a movement that you’ve probably seen it on TikTok and Instagram among celebrities and influencers. It is focused on bare, ultra-healthy, mega-watt glossy skin.

This trend is perfect for people who want to look effortlessly beautiful. It encourages us to follow a simpler skincare routine and to use beauty products that will both pamper our skin and improve our overall look.

Status skin is more about enhancing one’s facial features than concealing blemishes and imperfections. It does not require us to look perfectly flawless and add several layers of cosmetics to our skin. Rather, this trend focuses more on elevating our natural beauty by applying a minimal amount of products enough to accentuate our best features.

What We Recommend: To achieve a beautiful, radiant complexion in just a few minutes, we suggest using Mayerling’s Tinted Moisturiser With 30+ Sun Protection. This skincare-makeup hybrid product will not only keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. It will also protects the skin from sun damage. Its sheer coverage is enough to even out skin tone, blur blemishes, and add a natural glow to the skin. 

  1. Skin Kindness

Different skincare products are being introduced to the market yearly. Out of all of the available options, many choose to purchase organic personal care and cosmetic products across the globe. This is mainly because people have been paying attention to their skin type, sensitivity, and the health of their skin barrier. They now spend time looking for skincare products that are effective, yet gentle on the skin.

Gone are the days when individuals would over-exfoliate, apply irritating anti-ageing products, and use invasive treatments on skin. As we learn their detrimental effects on skin, we build our skincare routine around beauty products that embody ‘skin kindness.’ It is, by its name, really about being kind to your skin and feeding your skin with the right nourishment and therefore right products.

What We Recommend: Our skin deserves to be pampered, especially during summer. Go the extra mile in your skincare routine and take better care of your skin by using Mayerling’s Summer Rejuvenation Pack. This skincare kit includes everything the skin needs to stay hydrated, protected, and nourished during the summer season. Every product is gentle on the skin and is filled with vitamins, antioxidants, and other skin-loving ingredients.

  1. Whole-Body Skincare

These days, consumers know better than just focusing on the face. The whole-body skincare beauty trend stresses the importance of extending our skincare routine to our whole body. While it is true that the skin on our neck and face is thinner than the skin on other parts of our body, the rest of our body still needs to be taken well care of. After all, we won’t be able to maintain a youthful appearance if our arms and legs are dry, rough, and scaly.

Our body can also benefit from the active ingredients found in our facial products. Vitamin A can help repair our skin’s cellular structure; Vitamin C can reduce existing pigmentation and improve our dull skin. If we want to achieve better-looking skin, we must exert the same amount of effort in caring for our bodies as we do for our faces.

What We Recommend: When it comes to body lotions, you can never go wrong with Mayerling’s De-Ageing Body Treatment. This product does more than just keep the skin moisturised. It contains active ingredients that can help improve uneven skin tone and make the skin feel softer.

Show your skin the love that it deserves. Check out all our recommended anti-ageing products and treatments at Bliss Skin Care. 

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