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Uncategorised The Best Skin Care Routines for Mums
The Best Skin Care Routines for Mums article image by Bliss Skincare

The Best Skin Care Routines for Mums

Being a mum is one of the hardest jobs in the world. From the moment they wake up in the morning until they knock off at night. They prioritise taking care of their family rather than themselves. It is a job that requires hardwork and lots of love but very rewarding, to see the smiles on their family’s faces. That is called labour of love. There are things that they have to put on hold for now, like applying your favourite moisturiser, even washing your face in the morning is a luxury for some. 

We value the hard work that these mums show, that is why here at Bliss Skincare, we wanted to give you tips as to what are the best skin care routines for the mums out there. These simple steps will help them get back on their feet and bring back that glow they once have.

Tip #1 Keep it Simple

The simpler the better. That’s what is probably going through their mind when they think of skin care. We suggest keeping at least 4 products for a simpler but effective routine. 

Washing your face in the morning is the first step. Use a lightweight product that is gentle on your skin leaving any impurities from last night’s slumber. Mayerling Facial Cream Cleanser is perfect for you, leaving your skin looking radiant as ever. At night, use the same product, it helps remove any dirt, make up, sweat that piled up from all the work made during the day.

Don’t forget to pat it dry using a clean towel.

Tip #2 Exfoliate

A gentle scrub can help slough off dead skin and impurities. Exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week as long as your skin can handle all that scrubbin’. It helps clear away dry and dead skin and increases the skin’s clarity and youthfulness. Our best ever Mayerling Exfoliant Cleansing Scrub, is a highly effective and gentle product, uses only natural oils, and has fine grain exfoliators to cleanse and decongest unwanted radicals thoroughly. This product makes your skin feel smooth and fresh and gives you added confidence in facing a new day. 

Tip #3 Trap in that Moisture

Moisturising your skin is an essential step to replacing the skin’s water content for a younger looking skin. It also stops your skin from having breakouts or any skin problems from all that stress may be from the household and from work. By doing this method, it helps to lock in the moisture after all the products used in the previous steps. 

Using a day and night cream is the key. Our Forte Day and Night Face Creams, is recommended for busy mums since you will get 2 bottles for the price of 1. It is tested and proven. This product has anti ageing properties that help make your skin younger looking and fresh. 

Tip #4 Sun Protection

Harmful rays from the sun can cause our skin to be dry and dull looking. It damages our skin coming from the UV rays and also increases the signs of ageing. This usually happens when you are out taking kids to school, going to the groceries, or maybe just a wonderful Sunday morning in the park with the family. Thus protecting your skin by using sunscreen is the best way.

Use a tinted sunscreen instead of the usual foundation. It gives you a little coverage since you mostly don’t have time for a full foundation, plus it protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This can be used both in the morning and at night. Our very own Moisturiser Anti Ageing 30+SPF Tinted, a skincare must, is only made from gentle ingredients that are good on the skin. 

Tip #5 Smile!

After all the day’s work, don’t forget to give time to yourself ‘coz self-care is as important as your mental health. Eat healthy to maintain that glowing and youthful skin that you deserve. If you feel good about yourself, all positive things will just flow to you. 

Skin care is not that complicated at all, you don’t need tons of products, you just need to spare yourself some time and just remember these 4 products to get that youthful and radiant skin, a cleanser, an exfoliant, moisturiser, and a day and night cream and voila! You are good to go!

No matter how hard life gives you, always remember that your family relies on you. So keep a positive mind, practice self-care and SMILE! Check out Bliss Skin Care and what we can offer for your mum!

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