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Uncategorised The Ultimate Waxing Rulebook: Do’s And Don’ts of Waxing
The Ultimate Waxing Rulebook Dos And Donts of Waxing article image by Bliss Skincare

The Ultimate Waxing Rulebook: Do’s And Don’ts of Waxing

Waxing. Does hearing the word make your scream a little bit? Or does it bring excitement for your next waxing appointment? Whether you are a regular at a waxing spa or more of a special-occasion-only kind of waxer fan, you may have different feelings about this treatment.

Moreover, if it’s not your first time undergoing body waxing, you most likely know that there are many do’s and don’ts of this treatment. While it may seem like information overload to some, we assure you that following these rules will be worth it.

Here are the most important do’s and don’ts, for veterans and rookies, that will help you get the most out of your body waxing experience. 

The Do’s of Body Waxing

  1. DO exfoliate at least 3 days before the waxing session

When you get waxed, it’s not as simple as hair getting pulled out. Hair actually gets pulled out of the skin pore right from the roots, which means it’s extremely important that your skin is clean before the treatment. When there are dust and dirt in these pores, the pores get clogged, which makes it difficult to pull the hairs out.

Before a waxing treatment, be sure to exfoliate the area that will be waxed with a scrub. The scrub should be able to clean up the pores and open them up. Just remember to exfoliate it at least 3 days before the waxing session to avoid irritation.

  1. DO grow your hair out the right length

Beauty salon patrons who are familiar with body waxing have probably experienced being called out when the hair of the part they’ll have waxed wasn’t long enough. Before a waxing session, be sure that the length of the hair that will be pulled out is ¼ to ¾ inch long. When you wax hair that isn’t long enough, chances are, some hair will be left behind or break, causing irritation or ingrown hairs.

  1. DO schedule your skin and body treatments in the appropriate time frame

When it comes to beauty treatments like body waxing, we can’t just do them anytime we feel like it. Have this little cheat sheet handy:

  • Brazilian or bikini waxing: 4 to 6 weeks between appointments
  • Facial or eyebrow waxing: 2 to 4 weeks between appointments
  • Leg, arm, or chest waxing: 4 weeks between appointments
  1. DO get waxed from a trusted beauty salon.

Waxing is not just any other treatment. We’re talking about long-term skincare here. Be sure to get your body wax treatment or facial wax treatment done by a beauty salon that upholds sanitary practices. We, of course, recommend Bliss!

The Don’ts of Body Waxing

  1. DON’T use moisturiser or deodorant before the session

Putting on moisturiser or deodorant before the waxing session will cause the wax to slip over your skin and not do its job. Hair will not be completely pulled out, leaving you with patches of undone skin.

  1. DON’T get waxed during your period

Never schedule a waxing appointment when you are on your period. Your body is probably exhausted from all the bleeding, and your system needs to rest.

  1. DON’T shave between appointments

Shaving is probably one of the biggest enemies of a waxing specialist. Never shave between waxing appointments. This is because your hair changes its behavior once it has undergone waxing. It will grow thinner (thankfully!) once that part of your body has been waxed. However, once you start shaving, the hair will grow thick and dense again.

  1. DON’T get the newly waxed area wet

Hot baths, in particular, are a big no-no. Avoid baths for 24 hours after your wax appointment because the heat will worsen any post-wax irritation. Be sure to also not swim (yup, whether that’s the beach or the pool) for 48 hours after your waxing session. Pores are still open post-wax, so chlorine and sand can irritate your skin.

Since we’re already talking about not getting the area wet, be sure you don’t sweat that much too. Getting the newly waxed area sweaty can lead to bacterial infection.

Whether it’s your first or 50th time to get waxed, it’s always a good idea to remember these do’s and don’ts. Follow them diligently and you’ll get the best waxing experience for sure!

Pamper yourself with the best waxing experience at Bliss Skin Care today! 

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