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Uncategorised What Type of Cleanser is Best for Different Skin Types
What Type of Cleanser is Best for Different Skin Types article image by Bliss Skincare

What Type of Cleanser is Best for Different Skin Types

After a very long day from work, school or just doing errands, nothing feels as free as cleansing your face using your favourite cleanser. Getting rid of every hint of dirt, sweat, and makeup lets your skin breathe and be free from unwanted substances. It allows your skin to repair and renew itself. A clean face helps your skin care products to absorb into your skin more easily and make their tasks more efficient. When starting your skin care routine, cleaning your face with a cleanser is an even more important step than your serums and moisturizer.

That’s why choosing the perfect cleanser will still depend on your skin type as it has ingredients that may not be suitable for others. With so many cleansers available in the market, some feel overwhelmed with many options. Let us help you in decoding and shedding light on which cleansers are best for each skin type. This allows you to categorise your options and makes the search for the right cleanser easier.

Different types of Cleansers

Gel cleansers

Like how it is named, a cleanser with a gel-like texture has a clear and kind of slippery consistency. Normally designed for deep cleansing, and is effective at unclogging pores, eradicating excess oil, and eliminating acne-causing substances. In most products, a gel cleanser offers antibacterial or exfoliating qualities, making it an excellent acne cleanser.

Gel cleansers are perfect for normal, combination, or oily skin and skin that is sensitive to redness and acne.

Foam Cleansers

If you have oily skin or those acne-prone skin, foam cleansers work best for you. It removes the excess and unwanted oil from the surface and prevents the creation of acne with continued use. Mayerling Foaming Cleanser works perfectly! This product works wonders as it dissolves scum by removing any unwanted residue like make-up, grease, and dirt. It is highly effective at preventing clogged pores leaving the skin radiant and clear.

Foam cleansers though are not recommended for those with dry or sensitive skin, it is best to look for other cleansers that serve their purpose. 

Cream Cleanser

Cream cleansers just like their name, are very creamy and rich in texture. It tends to be milder and more hydrating than other types of cleansers, which is ideal for dry or sensitive skin. This cleanser cleanses your skin without shedding the natural oils of your skin. Cream cleansers are the best choice if you are into double-cleansing because of their gentle formula giving sensitive skin or dry skin a youthful glow.

Oil Cleansers

Putting more oil on oily skin is a method that some may find odd and will not make any sense. Oil cleansers contain an oil base formula to aid in eliminating dirt and sweat on the skin without affecting the skin barrier. The natural oils present in your skin work and the oil from the cleanser works well to balance the skin and avoid acne. It works best in removing clogging from the pores of your skin like waterproof makeup without damaging your skin. Mayerling Exfoliant Cleansing Scrub is one perfect product, it is an oil cleanser with glycolic acid and fine exfoliators that aids in unclogging unwanted particles in your skin. This also contains natural olive oil leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Now you know which cleanser to pick, let us all be aware to better take good care of our skin. It is best to know your skin type first before picking out the cleanser that works best for you. After all, the main goal is to achieve that glow everyone wants to have. Check us out, Bliss Skincare and talk with our skin experts to help you with skin care needs.

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